Our Services:

Our services include more than you would expect from a simple flooring company. We complete anything and everything from preparation, removal of old flooring, new installation, and repair/restoration of current flooring.

Wood, tile, laminate, or carpeting... we can do it.

There are many different finishes and stains to choose from. We carry a long list of manufactures to include a very unique and quality finish. We also help with restoration of reclaimed wood.

Other Services:

Storage: Need household goods stored while home / office renovations are completed? We can provide on-site or off-site storage. Contact us with any questions you may have.

Painting: We offer interior and exterior painting, using custom colors for rental dwellings, residential and business. We will do minor repairs to drywall, molding etc. Please feel free to express these needs to our team when scheduling our services.

Home Remodeling: From roof, to bathroom, to basement, we provide installation, repair and remodeling.

Moving: Let our experienced crew of movers at Kay Newland Moving take care of your relocation needs. We service residential and commercial clients alike.

Apartment Rentals: Take a peak at our beautiful apartments to see what Newland Rentals has to offer.

No matter how small or great the job, please contact us for free estimates on any of our services.

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